Sunday, 11 November 2007

Mythical Beasts

No, not the mythical beasts of ancient worlds, but the mythical bullies in the fractal art world.

This was said to me very recently: You're part of a sick online "community" where cliques and in-groups try to control and bully everyone who's different, or thinks differently, than they do.

They do?!?!? Sheesh, no-one ever told me that when I joined up ;-)

Gotta love the net and its ability to let anyone spout whatever nonsense is running through their heads (yes, that includes me!).

Personally, I smell jealousy. In any new endeavour - and fractal art is still new - there will be early adopters, early successes, early movers and shakers. Kudos to the people who got off their backsides and did something, I say. Their detractors should be prepared to put their own time, effort and maybe money into a venture if they want something run differently, not just sit in a corner gnashing their teeth, spouting insulting untruths.

They do not speak for me. They certainly do not speak for the fractal community I know. Ah! But that would be because I'm part of the 'sick online community'. Yeah, right .....