Sunday, 11 November 2007

Mythical Beasts

No, not the mythical beasts of ancient worlds, but the mythical bullies in the fractal art world.

This was said to me very recently: You're part of a sick online "community" where cliques and in-groups try to control and bully everyone who's different, or thinks differently, than they do.

They do?!?!? Sheesh, no-one ever told me that when I joined up ;-)

Gotta love the net and its ability to let anyone spout whatever nonsense is running through their heads (yes, that includes me!).

Personally, I smell jealousy. In any new endeavour - and fractal art is still new - there will be early adopters, early successes, early movers and shakers. Kudos to the people who got off their backsides and did something, I say. Their detractors should be prepared to put their own time, effort and maybe money into a venture if they want something run differently, not just sit in a corner gnashing their teeth, spouting insulting untruths.

They do not speak for me. They certainly do not speak for the fractal community I know. Ah! But that would be because I'm part of the 'sick online community'. Yeah, right .....


Dzeni said...

Nice image! Its good to see you posting stuff again. As for the rather mean spirited comment - sometimes people insist on showing the outside world the worst part of themselves. Sad really. It says more about the person who said it, than it does about anyone in the fractal community.

karen said...

The person who made that comment to you has been spouting variations on that theme for years now; he was doing it when I joined the fractal community in 1999, apparently had been doing so for at least a couple of years before that, and shows no signs of stopping.

I stopped reading the blog in question because there appears to be no room for actual discussion that doesn't agree with his basic premise, and I kept feeling like my head was going to explode if I kept reading there; you're a braver soul than I ;)

winklepickers said...

I've found you then. I'll have a look now and again.

Rob Hopcott said...

Nice fractals WelshWench.

I'm new to this sort of art and am amazed by what can be achieved. Keep up the great work, I say.

I once got and email through one of my story sites and it was composed solely of threats to eat my brains in a hundred and one variations.

On the Net we are one click away from the nicest and the nastiest people in the world. It's a shame that those who would rather destroy than build sometimes rear their heads whatever we do.

All best.