Monday, 1 October 2007

*tap* *tap *tap* Anyone there?

Where does the time go? Pretty obvious that I got bored with this blog; slightly less obvious that I haven't yet made the time to start properly learning HTML & CSS, so my little personal website has been moribund for some time; rather more obvious - to those who know me - that I gave in to temptation .... and went back to dA. At least I chose April 1st as the day of my return!

I started Janet Parke's first UF course at the VAA in January, and then went straight on to the second and then the third. Fantastic stuff, couldn't recommend them highly enough. But I wish I'd taken a break between 2 and 3, give my lickle brain time to assimilate all I'd learned. Right now, I feel plumb fractaled-out. I'm sure I just need a bit of breathing space. *fingers crossed*

I also signed up to RedBubble with a view to making some of my work available as cards and prints however, thanks to info from more knowledgeable people, I'm doubtful that the quality of the larger prints will be up to scratch for UF pieces. I'm waiting to see what the quality of the greetings cards is like (hope they don't have to walk from Oz or I could be waiting some time!) but today I got notification that someone had bought one of my cards. Whooopeee! Someone liked what I had done enough to part with money - albeit very little money - for it. Nice way to start the working week :)

What else? A new fractal forum and associated blog so that little lot should be enough to keep me out of trouble for a while.

So ... let's see if I keep this blog up this time around.

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