Friday, 12 October 2007


Shitty week at work, topped off by a hangover on Friday morning, followed by a foul - and I mean *foul* - mood Friday afternoon. Ugh.

Got my cards from RedBubble and, once the immediate pleasure had abated, decided that they really aren't very good at all. The cards are good quality, it's the reproduction of the fractals that sucks. Colours are muddy, details are not as detailed as they should be, yada yada.

And to top it all, blogger's having problems and won't let me upload a picture.



Dzeni said...

Sorry to hear about your disappointment with the cards. What resolution did you upload? Turns out that what looks good on screen (at 70 dpi) looks pretty terrible printed. For good quality prints, you want to have the image at 330 dpi (translation - BIG). If you are making posters, then you can get away with 150dpi because people don't stand that close to them, but for cards, 330dpi is desirable.

As for the hangover - next time stick to water and just pretend that its Vodka!

WelshWench said...

Hi dzeni :)

I uploaded VERY large jpegs (3700-ish by 2500-ish) @ 300 dpi - that should have been more than good enough for small cards. I think I've may some problems to resolve with monitor calibration(even though mine is pretty good, I've decided to invest in a proper calibration tool) and colour space/profiles.

Watch this space! :D

(PS Am drinking water today ;-))