Saturday, 9 February 2008

Mythical Beasts Part II

I really, really, really hate hypocrites. Even more than simple hypocrites, I detest people who combine the fine art of being disingenuous with their hypocrisy. If you're going to be controversial, expect disagreement. But for goodness' sake don't prevent people who disagree with you from publishing their comments on your blog if you are going to allow comments from people who do agree. Not that, in the instance to which I refer, there are any signs of agreement. And don't try and cover yourselves with a self-serving, facile and transparent phrase which even a third-rate spin-doctor would reject!

Maybe the authors of that blog think their audience is daft enough to equate the (apparent) silence with lack of dissent. In which case, I have some bad news for them .....


Dzeni said...

Gorgeous fractal! IMHO, you might wish to stop wasting your precious time reading "that" blog. They seem to go on and on about the same thing. Never anything new or positive. I have not read it in months (except for today's glance) and can see that nothing has changed over there.

WelshWench said...

Thanks, dzeni, pleased you like the fractal.

I'm not prepared to remain silent about the insults and misinterpretations being thrown out elsewhere. Many people who can see it for what it is, like yourself, have mostly given up reading it and while that may be the wise choice there is no way of knowing how many others are reading it and taking it as an accurate record and honest interpretation.