Monday, 20 November 2006

Morose Mondays

I hate Mondays. Always have, always will. I recently started a secondment at work which means I have a whole new batch of knowledge to acquire in not enough time before I have to fully take over from someone else. Nicer job though, but next time I wish for more responsibility I'll have to remember the saying " Be careful what you wish for, you might just get it" !

We (husband and I) had an exhausting time on Saturday, chucking a load of unwanted furniture and dead electrical equipment into a skip. This morning, someone had removed the old - and very, very dead TV we'd put in there along with its base unit .... and added a dead TV of their own! Tonight, even that has gone.
Saw someone helping themselves to some old bits of wood as we got home this evening, too. We don't care - we were junking the stuff anyway, but the skip hire company is going to wonder why they're only collecting a half-full skip at this rate......

Thanks, nzdzeni, for the suggestions and offer of assistance - I hope you don't end up regretting it :)

Kat: been thinking about you starting back at work today. All my love and best wishes: hope it's going OK *hugs*

So today's fractal is for you hon with, once again, thanks for your advice on the colours.


Dzeni said...

Gorgeous fractal! I love the colours and form. It reminds me of an orange tree of some sort. Very organic.

Fractoid said...

Welshy, that's one of my fav's that you've done. Glad to see it back online. Sure miss you at D(devil's) A(abode) and I'm still very pissed off about it. If I could find the mailing addresses of a couple of the mutants-in-charge, I'd send an envelope full of dead bugs.
Cheer up! Your friends love you and will always support you, regardless of where you wander. :~)

LaPurr said...

Thanks for the dedication of this fractal, hon...that's so sweet of you! *hug* It's not the same around, as Fractoid put it,
D(evil's) A(bode) without you. I miss our silly and, to others, incomprehensible, conversations. You truly livened up the joint!