Sunday, 19 November 2006

Sunny Sunday

It's a lovely autumn day out there - and here I am, slaving over a hot PC which is my way of putting off doing some domestic stuff. Still scratching my head about how this whole blog setup works. Still wondering if there's a way to reply to comments!

Still wandering around the 'net, trying out new sites. Thinking about Flickr but reluctant to try out too many new sites at once as, in addition to here, I've finally started using my account on Renderosity. Although one post a day is a bit of a bugger, especially when I have such a huge collection of fractals. My Apo work is going to have to go somewhere else ... which brings me back full circle. Argh! I am going to have to pull my finger out and use the website space I have from my ISP. More learnin' to do .......

Just a bit of clarification on my departure from dA and then I won't mention it again. I did not leave over the hoo-ha in the Help Forum thread. I left because that little bit of hypocrisy was the last straw which galvanised me into making a decision I'd been thinking about for well over a month.

If you haven't already done so, you can read what I said about leaving here, and that's going to be my final word on the subject.

The fractal I'm posting here was one of the first UF ones I finished it and it was first posted on a Sunday, hence the name "Sunday Delight".


Dzeni said...

You can only reply directly to comments if the commenter leaves their email / is set up "properly" on blogger. What a lot of bloggers do is reply to comments by commenting back on the relevant post.

Of course if you know who is leaving comments, and have their email, you can always contact them privately if it is more appropriate to do so.

LaPurr said...

Hey Gill! Though you're no longer at dA, there are now more places for me to say things to you...which is sort of nice. I miss the instant communicaton and threads but I can live with it. *nods*

I thing your own site would be wonderful if that's in the offing. One more place to harrass you! I'd love you to be able to post more of your fractals, too, instead of the one a day at Rederosity. You have to admit, though, that the limit on postings is one way to control the size of the site; dA should try doing something like that.

I'm glad you've found other places to go, but I do miss having you to play with..:(

See ya!