Tuesday, 28 November 2006

Smiles and sadness

I've had some wonderful feedback on my simple website: thanks to everyone who's commented here, by email and over at FracFan !

I have a feeling that - rather like an itch you can't stop scratching - I'm going to be playing silly buggers with it. (As I type I'm reuploading the lot, using a different skin on the album and having corrected my mistake on the "contact me" link - thanks to Fractoid for pointing that out :))

I was sad to hear of the death of Alan "Fluff" Freeman yesterday. He was 79, not a bad age at all, and not someone I ever met, but as a DJ on BBC radio from about 1960, his voice will forever be one of the voices I associate with my adolescence. He was older than most of the other Radio One DJ's and had a particularly corny style: frequently mocked but always with affection. Even thinking of his voice and his catchphrases, I'm instantly transported back to a 13 year old, sneakily listening to the Pick Of The Pops Sunday-afternoon programme when I was supposed to be doing my homework ;-)

Fancy a "Blast From The Past" (also the title of today's fractal)? Go read the list of UK number ones from 1965. One or three there better forgotten but my god, they were good days for pop music!

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