Saturday, 2 December 2006

Tis the season ....

... to be festive. Apparently.

It's too damn early!! I don't want to be wished "Merry Xmas" on December 1st, and I don't want to be going to Xmas parties on the 1st, either. But I got both, yesterday. Bleurgh.

Although, in all fairness, the Xmas party - for an office "do" - wasn't bad: I've certainly been to a lot worse. It would have been nicer today if we hadn't had to go back to the hotel (having managed to drag our sorry arses out of there only just before the magic check-out hour) because someone - naming no names but there's a clue in the rest of the sentence - had left his wedding ring in the bathroom!

As I seem to be the only person saying "Bah! Humbug" right now ... here's a fractal called "Festive" despite the fact that I feel about as festive as a turkey on Xmas eve ;-)


Dzeni said...

Poor you! I don't do Christmas. We celebrate Chanukah instead :)

Fractoid said...

Bah humbug, indeed Welshy! I'm already sick of the Christmas season because over here, the stores start shoving it in our faces before Halloween. It's gotten so commercial that the "reason for the season" has been totally lost to iPods and video games.
I get a relief from it all by simply visiting your blog and seeing your glorious flames. :~)