Thursday, 23 November 2006

Autumn Winds

Happens to be the name of today's fractal ... and what the weather's been like today! I only wish the wind had been behind me as I staggered up one of the very rare local hills today ;-)

Fractoid, Dzeni: sound advice from the two of you, thank you! But I have been in the new role for rather more than three days and I have the advantage (?) of it being an area I'm not totally unfamiliar with in that it's closely-related to the one I just left. I also know just how frequently my employer will shaft their employees, so there are advantages to remaining with my head below the parapet!

I guess I was sounding off as much as anything but I am serious when I say I'm not interested in working significantly longer hours (even if they paid me a hell of a lot more money than they do) - been there, done that, got the T-shirt and the scars ;-)

This is my perverse thought process at work ... the ramblings of a moderately deranged middle-aged woman who is in a third career she fell into by accident and finding it raises quite a few questions.

Then I come home, hug the hubbie, play with fractals and it all seems much better :)


Dzeni said...

Gorgeous fractal (as always). I am so glad that you started this blog :)

LaPurr said...

Beautiful fractal and quite appropriate given the weather in your area. Be careful on the very rare local hill.
I realized that the comment I posted to the previous entry would have been much different had I read this one first...oh well. *shrug*
I agree completely that there are no advantages to working more hours. I've killed myself for jobs before and I'll never do it again. My life is supposed to get easier, imho, rather than harder as I get older. Of course, you'd know more about that, seeing as how you're soooooooooo much older than I. ;)

Phoenix-22 said...

Corporate life - gotta love it!

Glad I finally found where you were hiding, I just didn't expect it to be here (happens I just started mine up again). Nice looking fractal, I didn't know you could add photos on here.

On another note, DeviantART is so's driving me nuts!

Fractoid said...

Your Royal Welshness.....just keep making flames like this and SCREW THE JOB!
DA is slower than snail snot, fav's aren't showing up until hours/days later and that brown-noser, Admin-wannabe is still in the Help Forum spouting his/her/its favorite 3 words: "Just be patient". Same old bullshit, just a different day.