Wednesday, 22 November 2006

Sixty percent

Wednesday at work over and done with. That means 60% of the working week is behind me. Sounds so much nicer put that way :)

Cold, wet, damp & miserable here today, and my mind has been as indecisive as ever. Why is it that sometimes I make a decision, form an opinion, whatever, and nothing can shake me. Whereas other times I couldn't make my mind up if I was being paid to do so. I feel like that about the new job. I'm not interested in promotion: I've done the whole greasy-pole-climbing in the past and now I just want a reasonable working life with reasonable hours. I never thought that the idea of having to work a few more hours a week in order to get the job done would seem like such hard work.

So I have to decide: am I just out of practise or do I really want to say to TPTB "I don't want this secondment, put me back in my old role" and then suffer the consequence of feeling frustrated that I'm not working anywhere near my capabilities? Argh!


TotalChaos said...

You've got some really nice fractals here. Just stopped by, from FracFan. Keep putting them up. There are many who appreciate this style of work.

Fractoid said...

Welshy, you're beating yourself up about this new position. Give it a week or two and see if things aren't better. If not, then ponder your alternatives.
I'm just happy to see your fractals again, albeit one at a time. :~)

Dzeni said...

I'm with fractoid on this one. Three days is far too short to decide if you like a new job or not. Give it at least three weeks before making a decision. That way, you will end up making a better choice and if you do decide to take a step back, you won't sit there wondering "what if I had stuck it out for a bit longer in that *better* position".

LaPurr said...

I've gotta go with the others on sticking out the new job for a while longer before making up your mind. I know how weird new jobs can be and how the work which looked overwhelming or idiotic or whatever, can become easier and second-nature after a while. Someone once told me that if a job takes less than six months to learn, there's no challenge. I don't know if that's true or not, but it sounds good, doesn't it? :D

I've always liked this writhing mass of color and forms...nice correlation between the job and the image!