Monday, 27 November 2006

A Website at last!

Finally *phew* Very simple, just a front page and a gallery - for now ;-) Somewhere in between playing with Apo, getting to grips with UF, working, housework, and funtime, I'm now going to cram in building on the very basic HTML skills I've learnt in order to make it a much better site. Links next ... then some photographs.

WelshWench's Fractals

My thanks to the mates on FracFan who helped, and especially to the lovely Pat from dA and Storm-Artists whose encouragement was just wonderful!

The fractal here is one from some time ago ... but how could I not put up the one I called "Celebration"?


Dzeni said...

Brilliant website! Does that mean the demise of this blog or are you planning to continue to showcase your best stuff over here?

LaPurr said...

Herself has a website! Yay! Of course you had no choice but to put up a fractal entitled 'Celebration'. *nods* I look forward to the changes which will be wrought as your knowledge increases as the site evolves. I feel so honored to have some of my fractals on your site, too...thanks, hon! *hug*

Intergalactic Stacey said...

A superb splash of color! I love it!